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Nine scents

Less is More has created the fragrance collection ORGANIC COLOGNES, as individual as the people who wear it, using the finest, organically certified essential oils.

The aromatherapeutic creations are gentle, enveloping instead of intensifying. Accompanying instead of crowding. Whether with skin, hair or fabrics, as the fragrances come into contact, they create a unique combination of character and aroma.

Use the cologne in hair for longevity and diffuses beautifully, on skin, or even on your pillow or scarf. To create your own unique fragrance mix the colognes as you wish.

100% of the total ingredients are from natural origin
95-96% of the total ingredients are from organic farming


lovely day.png

LOVELY DAY organic cologne 100ml
harmonious feminine notes of mandarin and blossom, sensual and vibrant, with a light freshness of grapefruit and tenderly spicy juniper, with warm, soaking depths of vetiver character

mood • love. joyful, in harmony, bright, warm hearted
chakra • heart
composition • mandarin, petitgrain mandarinier, grapefruit, ylang ylang, juniper berry, vetiver

nature boy.png

NATURE BOY organic cologne 100ml
a masculine chord of bergamot and douglas pine, strong and balanced with a fine lemony freshness of petitgrain lime and a warm, spicy base of coriander seeds and patchouli character

mood • love. complied, strong, calm, animate
chakra • heart
composition • bergamot, douglas pine, petitgrain lime, coriander, juniper berry, patchouli


LOVELY DAY and NATURE BOY are both heart chakra colognes, therefore perfect as a Her & Him Wedding, Engagement or Valentine's Day gift

green magic.png

GREEN MAGIC Organic Cologne 100ml
a green-aromatic cardamom note meets the clear citrus freshness of white grapefruit, married blissfully with spicy-woody coriander and delicate orange blossom

mood • higher self. crystal clear, focused, inspirational
chakra • soul
composition • green cardamom, grapefruit, coriander, orange flower


BEDTIME STORIES Organic Cologne 100ml
a unique and powdery, light lavender note with a warm base of vanilla, benzoin siam and a hint of incense

mood • awareness. calming, cosy, transcendent
chakra • crown
composition • lavender, vanilla, incense, linden blossom and benzoin siam


SOLEMNIS organic cologne 100ml
a rare and exquisite warm-smoky note with mystical aromatic combava (kaffir lime) and incense freshness. a tart but floral heart of pepper and rose and a dark, secretive basis of tonka,

mood • intuition. festive, sublime, imaginative
chakra • crown
composition • combava, incense, tonka, rose, pepper, bergamot

wide awake.png

WIDE AWAKE organic cologne 100ml
clear, radiant citrus note of lemongrass and cypress, subtly sophisticated with a delicate aromatic chord of pepper, geranium and thyme on a light patchouli base

mood • strength. energetic, focused, vivid, fresh
chakra • solar
composition • lemongrass, cypress, pepper, geranium, thyme and patchouli

orange bloom.png

ORANGE BLOOM organic cologne 100ml
sensual floral notes of jasmine and neroli play in an exciting  composition of green-aromatic basil and pepper tones, opened by fruity and elegant sicilian orange and bergamot, and lulled in a deep and sensual sandalwood base

mood • sensuality. seductive, soulful, deeply relaxing
chakra • sakral
composition • jasmine, neroli, basil, orange, pepper, sandalwood

me and my sunshine.png

ME & MY SUNSHINE organic cologne 100ml
refreshing and delicately floral notes based on orange blossom water with a touch of mandarin zest and green citrus leaves, earthy vetiver and the soft woody notes from the atlas cedar

mood • protection. peaceful, balanced, grounded, in harmony
chakra • root
composition • orange flower, tangerine, petitgrain mandarinier, vetiver, atlas cedar


HERBALIST CANTICLE organic cologne 100ml
fresh-aromatic herbal notes with the clarity of peppermint and rosemary, a multilayered interaction of powerful thyme, sensual clary sage, protective chamomile, deep everlasting, and delicately resinous cistus

mood • communication, pure, clear, articulate
chakra • throat
composition • clary sage, rosemary, thyme, peppermint, blue chamomile, everlasting 






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