How to make your scent long-lasting


• Do spritz on your hair for longevity of your cologne. As your hair moves it aids diffusion.

• Don't spray and rub your wrists together, this has a detrimental effect on all perfumes as the friction and heat cause natural enzymes to change the course of the scent, with top and middle notes being most affected and it causes florals to lose their crispness.

• Do spritz on skin and leave, or mist and walk through.

• Do keep your cologne in a cool dark place, as you would store a good wine. Keeping it in its box or it's fabric pouch protects against light.

• Do add a spritz to your Body Moisturiser and then apply for a layering effect.

•  Do pour a little in your Less is More SHAMPOO and/or CONDITIONER.

• Do spritz bed linen, pillows, scarf.


• All our colognes are designed so you can mix your own unique scent from two, three or even four of your favourite scents. To create your own unique fragrance mix the colognes as you wish.


• Spray BEDTIME STORIES on your pillow for sweet dreams.

• Use ME & MY SUNSHINE as a delicate perfume during or after pregnancy, or spray a little on your baby's pillow or cover during the day. Also perfect for travelling so your baby always feels at home.

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