Shiny beach-tousled hair or is it more likely that humidity, harsh UV, chlorine and the sea is taking its toll?

We think go with the flow, don’t fight it, work with it. So maybe it’s time to forget about the sleek look and embrace loose, natural styles.

How to achieve the ultimate ‘summer hair, don’t care’ look and protect your tresses at the same time...

We love a messy bun. A high knot or a low-rider for a pulled-together alternative. A little texturising with LIMESOUFFLÉ or FLOWER WHIP applied pre-bun provides oomph. 

A loose braid keeps things under control while oozing carefree appeal. If your hair is recently washed, spritz with a ELDERFLOWER SALT SPRAY pre-plait.

For curly or wavy hair, go with it, a natural curl look with volume. Use TANGERINE CURL BALM then scrunch a little ROSE SERUM into the ends. 

P.S. ELDERFLOWER SALT SPRAY is your best friend for humidity.

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