FINISH / ALL HAIR TYPES • Fixing hair spray, free from propellant gases, based on natural film formers, lends powerful hold, attractive shine and moisture.

distribute evenly over dry hair to finish your style. hair may be styled for a short time directly after application.

professional • spiky look – work HONEYWAX into short, dry hair and separate the tips with THYME LACQUE.
power-dry for a tousled, 'unstyled' style. with the blowdryer at its highest setting, distribute THYME LACQUE mist over dry hair.

KEY INGREDIENTS shellac, forest honey* Muscovado sugar*
Aromatic benefit - 100% *organic essences Thyme* Sicilian Bergamot* Rose Geranium* mood brightening, uplifting, invigorating. scalp toning
*certified organic

STYLING & FINISH Less is More products are created from natural resins, waxes and film formers including certified organic fair trade Mascobado (Muscovado) cane sugar, forest honey and beeswax, plant oils, butters as well as shellac, wheat protein and vegetable chitin. The exquisite natural materials give hair not just shine and form, but also valuable protection and care for hair and scalp.

Less is More STYLING & FINISH products never contain synthetic polymers such as acrylamides, acrylates, methacrylates, vinyl, PVP/VA, PVM/MA, adipates; propellants, PEG/PPG, etc


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