Brushing Ritual

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Doris Brandhuber, Less is More co-founder, Chemist and Aromatherapist, demonstrates the right way to brush and stimulate your hair. 

Brush from back to front in the morning for one hundred strokes. Your scalp gets properly massaged and stimlated and your hair benefits from the increased blood circulation. This important daily ritual is best done in the morning rather than in the evening. 


It makes more sense to brush in the morning for the following two reasons:

• The detoxing process is more active at night than it is during the day. Therefore we produce more sebum during night time. The brush ritual helps us to manually move the sebum from the scalp to the tips, which is not just important for the scalp health but also a wonderful care for the dry tips.

• Brushing increases the blood circulation. It activates not just the hairroots but also the whole body. Therefore we recommend to do the ritual in the morning.

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